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National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA)

Oakley completed her formal training in screen acting in 2017 through NIDA, the leading dramatic arts school in Australia. From Strasberg to Meisner, she embraces a wide range of styles and techniques to assist her achieve authentic performances. Oakley’s showreel is currently being updated with new productions she has starred in.

Oakley contributes to the creative arts not only through acting, but also through film-making, and writing. Oakley is currently completing an Associate Degree in Film through SAE Brisbane. Some of the creative content she is working on can be found below.

Hobson’s Choice: Martin!

Oakley is the co-producer of Hobson’s Choice: Martin!, which is a dark fantasy comedy about a young corporate drone who discovers his undesirable future through a series of bizarre dreams. What is dream and what is reality soon become a blur. Visit the HCM Facebook page for information about this film, including fun facts about cast, crew and the production process.

HCM FB Cover


Oakley is the Producer and Director of Pho, a concept short film about a Vietnamese brother and sister duo who stumble across the secret herbs and spices to their competition’s Pho noodle soup, and unwittingly ignite a drug noodle war.


Daughters of Vietnam

Oakley is currently writing a book titled: Daughters of Vietnam, which examines the impact of heritage, nationality and gender on the female Vietnamese Australian experience. Vietnamese women’s voices are sadly missing in popular literature even though there is a richness and depth to their stories, that is worthy of the world’s attention.


Snails and Worms and Things That Squirm

A rather snotty children’s story with an important moral about the dangers of putting critters that slither and quiver into one’s liver. Written by Oakley Kwon, illustrated by Gabriel Humbold.


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