My Story


My parents and I arrived in Australia on a humanitarian visa as refugees fleeing Vietnam after the war. We were ‘boat people’ with nothing to our names, except hope for a brighter future. While at sea, the engine of our overloaded boat failed eleven hours into the trip. We drifted aimlessly for days, with only very modest supplies of food and water. We were intercepted by pirates, threatened, robbed, and some on the boat were killed. My family were one of the lucky ones that weren’t ‘taken’, instead we were left to continue to drift at sea and see where fate would take us.

I suppose I can thank that period for the development of a very creative imagination. I was two years old, and although everyone else suffered the pangs of hunger, I feasted on all my favourite meals every day. My mind could conjure anything, and it did, my body just had to believe it was all real.

I grew up in Melbourne a very happy but defiant child who swung from tree branches, built fortresses, played sports and wrestled with boys. My parents did not know much English and so they could only earn a living by sewing garments at home for around 50 cents a piece. I started helping at the age of ten, which introduced me to the illustrious world of fashion, sewing outfits for my second-hand dolls from the off cuts.  The creative streak continued, when I won a literary contest at eleven, and bought my first pair of brown T-bar shoes for school with my prize money. The shoes lasted a whole year before I outgrew them and had to replace them with a normal pair of lace-ups. I kept my T-bars for many  years afterward as a memento.

I have studied almost everything, though only managed to get formal qualifications in law. Yes, that’s not too shabby, but believe me when I say, there were many directionless years in between. I started university at the age of sixteen, but didn’t finish my first degree until a little under a decade later. I put it all down to a need to build character, lots and lots of it.

I have extensive experience in government work and the development of legal policy and legislation, and in innovation capability building. I have also been an actress, presenter and producer since 2004 on a number of films, TV programs, commercial ads and radio programs, but have been focusing on my non-media career for over a decade, and only just formally returned to acting in 2017.

I love acting, full stop. I completed my actor’s training through the National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA) in Australia, and have since been cast in Australian film and television productions, including Homecoming Queens, Harrow, Neighbours, Danger Close: Battle of Long Tan, and others. Losing myself in characters and experiencing scenes through their eyes is what enthralls me about the craft, but I also love working behind the camera as a creative storyteller. In recent years, I have written, directed and produced content for film, television and the web.

It has taken me a long time to figure out what makes me tick, and I think I’m close. I am a pioneer and dreamer with an appetite for new experiences and adventure. I have an active mind and prefer to be working on several projects in different areas at a time to allow for the cross pollination of creative ideas. I always like to balance my creative brain with my left-brain by ensuring I have enough analytical work to counter balance my artistic work, and vice versa.

I am an energy healing grand master, intuit and a genuinely happy person. I’m sure I make others nauseous, but I love being happy. I also love progress, honesty and freedom, without which I would be a shell of a person. Acting is therefore, paradoxically, a peculiar but perfect outlet for me, and so too, is innovation.

This is a personal website and my opinions are my own.


Training & Experience


  • Queensland Government – Digital Transformation, Legislative Policy, Innovation, AI, Data Specialist
  • ACT Government – Legislative Policy, Innovation, Open Data Specialist
  • Wisprings Co. LLC – Innovation Executive
  • Australian National University (ANU) – Law Tutor
  • University of Canberra (UC) – Law, and Science Tutor
  • National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA) – Screen Acting (graduate)
  • Australian National University (ANU) – Law, LLB. LLM. (graduate)
  • Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) – Exec MBA (student)


  • Danger Close: Battle of Long Tan (2019), Feature, directed by Kriv Stenders
  • Neighbours (2019), TV series, directed by Tony Osicka
  • Harrow (2019), TV series, directed by Grant Brown
  • The Hospital (2018), Short, directed by Ashleigh Lindsell
  • Homecoming Queens (2018) Miniseries (VOD), directed by Corrie Chen
  • The Library (2017) Short, directed by Ashleigh Lindsell
  • Memoirs of a Haunting (2017) Short, directed by Anon
  • Children of God (2017) Short, directed by Brenden Bell


  • After September, Sweet Lemons Film Studio Pty Ltd (2019) Web Pilot
  • Pho, Sweet Lemons Film Studio Pty Ltd (2018) VOD Pilot
  • Hobson’s Choice: Martin!, Sweet Lemons Film Studio Pty Ltd (2018) Feature
  • eHealth Queensland (2018) Corporate
  • Unpacking Innovation, Logan City (2017) Corporate
  • ACT Government (2016) Corporate
  • The Next Big Thing Summit, Melbourne City (2016) Corporate
  • The Morning Program, 1RPH (2010) Radio
  • Carers Radio, 2xxfm (2009-10) Radio